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Creating DVDs with tons of videos or movies is something that we do all the time, and saving them with no menu, or one that is pretty budget, is boring and doesn't leave a great impression with our friends and family.

Ashampoo Movie Menu, in addition to burning your videos to DVD and Blu-ray, creates menus to present your audiovisual files in a much more professional and appropriate manner. Thanks to Ashampoo Movie Menu, you can create a disc of videos and, with a unique menu, turn it into an attractive and special gift.

To build a menu you just need to choose the best theme for your vacation, wedding, or birthday videos from within a wide variety of high quality (HD) options. You can personalize the theme with images, buttons, or text, to give it more of your own style and make it look even more professional. You can even add sub-pages and soundtracks that will play in the background.

One of the best features from Ashampoo Movie Menu is the ability to adjust the dimensions of your video files so that they will all fit on one disc and you won't have to leave anything out.

Now you have no excuse to leave your home videos without a great introduction.

Trial version functional for 10 days, extendible to 40 days.

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